At last a commercial/industrial grade modem supporting Telstra 4GX 700MHz (B28 LTE), with full 3G fallback onto Australian 3G and 4G networks.

Super Speedy

Includes a single embedded LTE 4G module to provide a high speed 4G connection.

Optus, Vodafone & Telstra

Supports Optus 4G, Vodafone 4G+ 850 MHz, and Telstra 4GX so you can enjoy super fast internet wherever you are.

Dual SIM Support

Capable of Dual SIM (standard size) with carrier failover.

Teltonika RUT950

Introducing Teltonika RUT950. Designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets, the RUT950 series industrial modems operate on the long range 700 MHz B28 LTE network “4GX” networks broadcast by Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

Now fully supporting Telstra.Corp APN for Telstra Enterprise customers.

The units are fully backwards compatible with all 3G and 4G networks used in Australia and abroad.

Remote Management System

Remote Management System (RMS) is designed to conveniently monitor and manage your RUT950 routers.

Remote Management System (RMS) is designed to conveniently monitor and manage your RUT950 routers. The system allows to securely gather status information of your devices and to change their configuration even if the devices do not have public IP addresses.


Your key to industrial IO monitoring & control

The RUT955 is the premier LTE router with built-in support for Modbus, the industry standard for IO control and monitoring. Availabile now only from authorised Australian suppliers.


RUT240 is specifically designed for mobile and IoT deployment scenarios

Small but mighty, the RUT240 is engineered to enable cost-effective GPS fleet management and high speed communications. Available now only from authorised Australian suppliers.

Wide range of applications


Crop and livestock monitoring


GPS tracking and communications

Emergency Services

High speed mobile communications and on-vehicle WiFi

Payment and Vending Systems

Remote linkup of vending systems for payment processing and monitoring

Command & Control Systems

The RUT955 is the perfect solution to integrate with SCADA systems


Remotely monitor energy consumption

Utility Monitoring

Remotely monitor utility usage and be alerted to faults

Mining & Construction

Mobile plant, operations centres, and crew barracks

Oil and Energy Exploration

Logistics and base of operations